In between gazing at furniture catalogs and paint swatches, there are many big decisions that loom on new buyers. Our President, Mike Kaerek, has seen a lot of new buyers and loves helping them through the exciting process. With this in mind, Mike has compiled his list of 5 must for every new buyer.

1.     If you really want it, go for it

One of the biggest mistakes Mike sees is buyers not putting in an item that they really want. Often times new buyers will shy away from things like a finished basement, however, it is much cheaper to finish the basement when building the home versusDSC_0184 (1) a couple of years later. Whether it’s finished basement, the extra big island, or the master bath of your dreams is something you really want, it is better to do it right away than later.


2.      Plan ahead

When finding a lot, make sure it works for both your needs now, and in 5 years. Do you like the community it is in? What is the school district like? You are building your dream home, it is good to make sure it will work both now and later. DSC_0015


3.      What’s inside counts

Take your time on the interior selections! It is important to have an interior design that you can be excited to come home to. At the Kaerek design center there is no additional fee for taking your time, so relax -because we want you to be happy with your choices just as much as you do. DSC_0074

4.      Be Realistic

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and unfortunately neither will your new home. Set realistic expectations for when your home will be completed and make accommodations based on that. Your Kaerek expeditor will communicate with you frequently so that you will always know what stage of construction your home is in.



5.      Have fun!

You’re only a first time home buyer once, enjoy the process!

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